All Freakin’ Night Film Festival Podcast

This Saturday the 14th, Olympia Film Society brings us their annual horror film festival All Freakin’ Night!

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Wanna stay up with us and watch one of the best horror fest line ups we’ve seen?  Then come on down to Olympia’s Capitol Theater and be a part of All Freakin’ Night!

Brought to us by the Olympia Film Society and capping off the Olympia Film Festival, All Freakin’ Night is five classic horror films starting at midnight the 15th and lasting until 9 am that next morning!

This year, All Freakin’ Night presents screenings of Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, Q: The Winged Serpent, Nazi Zombie Underwater exploitation classic Shock Waves, Spanish horror film Who Can Kill a Child? and horror classic Re-Animator!

I told you this festival is amazing!!!

Not only will be privy to these great screenings, but there will also be trivia, a costume contest, skits, and special giveaways!  The doors open at 11pm on Saturday the 14th and the show kicks off at midnight on the 15th!  This festival is gaining a lot of steam, so we would recommend buying your tickets online here.  For more information, visit the event’s Facebook Page.

On this podcast, Dan and Adam sit down with half of this year’s hosting team, Ian Bracken to discuss the films, events and details of this year’s festival.  We also get a chance to chat with Ian about his independent horror film company Bracken Basement Productions and two of their latest films – which are a blast to watch!  Here are links to both of Ian’s films via his YouTube channel that we highly recommend subscribing to.

Family First: Bloodthirst

Costume Contest


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