The good news is that the fifth annual Bonebat Comedy of Horrors is poised to strike April 25th! The grand spectacle takes place at Seattle’s Central Cinema located at 1411 21st Ave. The Comedy of Horrors festival plays out like a kick ass marathon starting at 2:00pm and carrying on into the witching hour.

Perforate your ear holes with the murderous sounds of The Pine Box Boys as they lead us rocking into the night to witness an impressive cache of over THIRTY independent short films!  They all look friggin awesome too!  Alright, I saw a couple that made me say, meh… but them shits is the gamble you take. You buy the ticket, you take the ride!

If you can survive all of that skull fuckery, then you will get to the cinematic finale! It all comes down to this year’s two feature attractions. The Comedy of Horrors is proud to present WolfCop by Lowell Dean!  All about a drinky cop that becomes a WolfCop with a vicious sense of duty.  Here comes the fuzz!

Also being featured is Fear City U.S.A. from Annum Films. Four teenagers set off into the woods on St. Blevin’s Day to lose their virginity, as is the promised tradition on this most amazing as fuck holiday!  But, like in real life that shit doesn’t go quite like you wanted.


The bad news is this shit is sold the fuck out like your mom Friday night at the Vu. Yep… SOLD OUT! I‘m only telling you cause we both don’t get to go and I wanted to rile you up. The only way to see this festival is if you take someone else’s ticket, and enjoy their ride…

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