Landmark Crest Cinema Center


The BEST discount cinema in Seattle and quite possibly the state as far as independent cinema is concerned!  If you missed it the first time around, catch it a the Crest!  $3 bucks a movie and right on the bus line, plus it’s close to the King County Library if you make it there a little early.

4 Screens DLP Digital Projection and Sound. Built in 1949. Operated by Landmark since 1989. Featuring Hollywood favorites, independent film and foreign language cinema in a neighborhood setting, the Crest Cinema Center features an eclectic mix of programming at a discount price. Most films that play here are on their last stop before leaving Seattle area screens for good, so don’t snooze.

Originally built in 1949, the Crest has been operating as a neighborhood theatre ever since. Equipped with widescreen capabilities in 1979, it was one of the first theatres in the country to run Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 70mm. Expanded to four auditoriums in 1980, two houses were configured with stadium-style seats and high-backed chairs, and two larger houses were constructed to feature conventional seating and large screens. So successful were “bargain nights” at the Crest that by the late 1980s, it began running discount programming on a permanent basis.

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