The Blue Mouse

Blue-Mouse-color    large

2611 North Proctor

Tacoma WA 98407


The Blue Mouse Theatre is tucked into the northern end of Tacoma in the Proctor district neighborhood.  This is the oldest continuously operating theater in Washington, opening its doors November 23rd, 1923.  Known as the finest suburban theater when it opened, The Blue Mouse thrived until being sold in 1972.  Renamed the Bijou in 1980 the theater struggled through the decade up against the multitude of large multiplexes.  However, fearing this landmark of Tacoma’s history would be recycled into office spaces, the might of a few citizens banded together to be known as the Blue Mouse Associates, bought the building saving it from an ill conceived fate. In doing so they restored our theater to much of its original glory and branded it once again The Blue Mouse.  On January 13th 2010 the Blue Mouse Theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States. Today, more than a hundred years later it is still the finest of suburban theaters.


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