Dangerous Men come to town tomorrow – be warned!

The Grand Illusion welcomes what writers have gone on to call the “Holy Grail of Holy Fucking Shit”.  With a description like that, who wouldn’t be interested!

Dangerous Men 4Drafthouse Films has recently acquired and distributed their latest addition in an already unbelievable portfolio of genre films.  Written, Produced, Directed, and scored by director John S. Rad, Dangerous Men is certain to melt your brain with it’s complete and utter insanity.  Shot over twenty something years, the film finally saw a VERY limited release in a handful of Santa Monica theaters to which it garnered only $70.

Its poster, one of few pieces of marketing materials created to promote it, promised glorious mulleted, denim-on-denim epicness: “An unforgettable mystery drama. A very unique suspense thriller that’s surprisingly entertaining.”  In it’s initial run, users took to the internet to share their experiences of the film from ““incomprehensibly, mind-numbingly and adorably weird” to “I just saw this . . . and it made me retarded”. Alas, Dangerous Men disappeared from screens as suddenly as it came.

The late John S. Rad put everything he had into this movie over the course of its 26 year incubation.  In the late seventies he worked as a very prominent architect – amassing a forture of millions.  He later switched gears and took a stab at filmmaking.  He would go on to make eleven feature films directed in Farsi.  After the Shah was disposed in the late seventies and before Khomeini took power, he fled penniless to Los Angeles.  While there he would make two American films before beginning Dangerous Men.

Danger Men 3Just like the films of Amir Shervan, the quality is poor, the plot bone thin and the acting completely laughable, but it has that endearing charm that sets it apart from the other shit on the shelf.  And just like Shervan’s films, it’s great to see that Dangerous Men has finally found its audience

Dangerous Men opens this week (13th – 19th) at the Grand Illusion theater and will run for the entire week.  This is a limited engagement, so go check this out with a crowd! Get the most out of your experience!!!

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