The Blue Fox Drive-In



The Blue Fox Drive-In (Oak Harbor)

1403 Monroe Landing RD

Oak Harbor, WA 98227

Located off a country road snuggled in a beautiful rustic setting stands the Blue Fox Drive-In.  With only a single screen, the Blue Fox does an amazing job of carrying on the tradition of the Drive-In theater.  I like to break the Blue Fox down into parts to best explain my point.

  1. The Screen and Show: For only having a single screen the Blue Fox does a wonderful job of transporting the viewer back to when the Drive-In roamed free.  Before each presentation, the Blue Fox runs the traditional vintage bumper promoting both Drive-In etiquette and the concession booth (which I will get to in just a moment).  Along with the traditional bumpers and trailers, the Blue Fox also includes and old Warner Brothers cartoon before the feature presentation.  They even project the Stars and Stripes while broadcasting the national anthem.  Admission is only $6.50 per person and small children get in for free.
  2. The Snack Bar: The Blue Fox’s concession stand is something to rival all concession stand.  Seriously, I have never seen such a sweet concession stand in forever!  To start out with, there is a completely full menu of traditional fare such as Cheeseburgers, Fresh made Pizza, Philly Cheesesteaks, a gigantic boat of curly fries, giant Pretzels, Slush Puppies, and a candy case that will blow you away.  So yes, the menu is superb, but is really superb is their prices!  At the megaplexes a large tub of popcorn runs you anywhere between $8-10 dollars, sometimes more!  At the Blue Fox, the large tub is only 6 dollars, plus it comes in a collectable bucket!  As for drinkage, the Fox offers a 100 oz insulated personal jug for $15, but to fill it up anytime after that is only $3.50 – TREE FITTY!!!  So, once you have your jug mug on your next visit a standard popcorn and drink will run you and your guest only about ten dollars.  This place has some seriously smoking bargains!

  3. The line to ride the Go-Karts.  This is actually pretty short!

    The line to ride the Go-Karts. This is actually pretty short!

    Go-Kart Track:  Located near the entrance to the theater is the Blue Fox’s quarter mile go-kart flat track.  The karts are generally well kept, and if you pick just the right one, then you can look forward to hauling some serious tail.  One five minute ride will cost you six dollars, but they do sell the rides in multiples of three, so for example you get three rides for the price of two.  Get there early because the line forms pretty quickly.

  4. June July 2014 020

    This is the Arcade Barn


  5. The Arcade Barn:  Next to the snack bar lies the Blue Fox’s arcade barn.  Yes, it is literally a manufactured metal barn that houses a wide variety of arcade favorites as well as ticket earning games like Skee-ball.  Those tickets can be traded in for prizes when you’re done owning it on the basketball shooters.

In conclusion, the Blue Fox is a fantastic place to enjoy a family friendly film on the cheap side, however it’s location does make it a bit of a challenge for those coming from the Seattle area.  For example, our family had to take the ferry from Mukilteo to Clinton and then drive around to get home.  Make sure you take this into consideration when you’re planning a trip to this awesome theater.

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