Enter The World of Kanako

A mind bending journey into a girl’s secret world that never lets up opens tonight at the Grand Illusion.

The WorKanakold of Kanako is an example of the consequences of parental emotional neglect to a fatal point.  In the film, an ex detective named Akihiro, with a string of psychological issues gets word from his ex-wife that his daughter Kanako has gone missing and hasn’t made contact in several days.  As the two rummage through their daughters room and personal effects they discover some pretty hard party drugs which leads Akihiro to believe there is something bigger going on.

As he begins to question old friends and any persons close to her, old secrets are brought to light and the path to finding his daughter becomes more and more treacherous.  Opening a door into a world that he never thought possible, Kanako’s secret life leads him down a rabbit hole of perversity, corruption, drugs, and violence, landing him in a reality that he could have never possibly imagined.

I want to go on and on about this film, it ranks right up there with some of the great Asian ultraviolent pieces like The Man From Nowhere amongst others.  But in so many ways it defies critique.  Beautifully shot with dizzying cuts and animations that make the movie something truly awesome.  The subject matter is beyond intense and not one of the characters is free from guilt.  It is best to go into this one knowing as little as possible so that you can truly experience Kanako’s dark world

The World of Kanako opens tonight for a limited run at the Grand Illusion in Seattle and I highly recommend seeing this to those who can stomach the ultraviolence and psychological turmoil.

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