Now normally we hit up Anthony, on our podcast to discuss the nefarious activities that take place at Friday Night Frights¬† However, the weather around the region kicked some ass and rendered that podcast null and void.¬† Bummer too, because we love talking to Anthony about his favorite genre films and we were to be joined by Anthony’s lovely stage assistant Dayna Hart. Well, you can rest a goddamn sure we will get them both on next time!

In honor of Thanksgiving, when we tear into the flesh of a giant delicious, dead bird, The Blue mouse theatre and FNF present the cannibalistic classic MOTEL HELL!

Farmer Vincent and his sister Ida have themselves a roadside business selling their famous meats prepared lovingly from the bodies of passing rock and roll tourists. Motel Hell is a fun and gory parody of the horror films of the time, while maintaining a persona all its own. It’s the perfect way to usher in this holiday season! Plus there are great prizes to be won! Come join the crowd at the Blue Mouse this Friday at 10:00 sharp for our favorite monthly horror show because it takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent fritters!



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