Go see My Last Year With The Nuns. Do it.

Matt Smith’s “My Last Year With The Nuns” makes me wish it wasn’t his last year.

Matt Smith haunts the Paper Shack in 'My Last Year with the Nuns'.

Matt Smith haunts the Paper Shack in ‘My Last Year with the Nuns’.

Matt Smith and Bret Fetzer have taken Smith’s one man show and turned it into a dark, yet hilarious film that will be world premiering tomorrow evening at 6:30 at the Egyptian theatre.  My Last Year With the Nuns tells the story of a 12 year-old Smith as he navigates his way through his final year of middle school as an eighth grader at St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  His journey takes us back to 1966 Seattle, specifically Capitol Hill, and the neighborhoods within.  While there, he shares with us stories that are two parts hilarious and one part fascinating.

Matt's old neighborhood on Capitol Hill.

Matt’s old neighborhood on Capitol Hill.

Matt riffs on tales that paint pictures of a time when racism, homophobia, and religious dominance were the norms in a city that is now known as one of the most liberal and accepting.  His stories are enthralling as he monologues around the group of misfits that operated within his old neighborhood on Capitol Hill.  The neighborhood paper shack acts as their home base while local backdrops around it facilitate the adventures and altercations encountered by the wide variety of characters.

…softly, silently…


Smith as Sister Conda

The characters are introduced to the viewers through a variety of situations that reflect the social climate of the day.  Matt’s best friend Hank McGee, orator of dirty songs and poems nearly shares top billing with him.  Eddie the neighbor kid, Siffless the goofball, and David Snead (king of the dirty jokes) begin to appear on screen in front of some iconic Capitol Hill backdrops.  As the story progresses, you begin to familiarize yourself with each kid and truly care for them while simultaneously shaking your head in disbelief.  Smith’s ability to switch between this wide variety of personalities make you forget that you’ve been looking at the same guy through the entire movie.

…freely, pliantly…

The tales that Smith tell would be considered pretty outrageous even by today’s standards.  My Last Year with the Nuns will likely offend with it’s racist and homophobic stories, but those with thicker skin can get past this.  This really happened, so what’s the point whining about it? This is a truly entertaining film that deserves to be seen with a crowd, especially a crowd of Seattleites, like…

Jennifer Moot.

Go see the film, then you’ll get it.

My Last Year with the Nuns plays at the Egyptian, Wednesday the 21st at 6:30pm and Saturday the 26th at 11am

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