Happy New Year!

After taking damn near all of December off, we’re back in the game and ready to hit some movies and tell you all about it!

New Logo

Because we think what we’re doing is important enough for you to care!

December was a crazy enough month for all of us here and likely for you, too.  There were shitloads of birthdays, little time off, and of course the big holiday.  But we’re back like Pumas and Shelltoes (that’s for you Leroy).  This year I want to commit to seeing more films in the theaters and balance that with all the older stuff that I love to watch.  Plus I also picked up some pretty badass cinema books that I’m excited to read and write about.

The point is, this year we want to make this site a fuller experience and provide more unique content than ever before.  That includes small screenings all the way to SIFF and beyond.  We’ve made great friends over the past year and we look forward to making even more!

We wish you all the best in the coming year here at the BlanketFort and we hope that we can help you get out and see some movies!

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