Have You Seen This?: The Witch Who Came From the Sea

Witch2This little known Stalker sweetheart is full of twists and just…yuck.

During our recent All Freakin’ Night podcast, fest host Ian Bracken turned us on to a title that he swore was super underrated and trippy as hell.  Well, of course we had to go and seek that shit out.  Luckily for us, Scarecrow had a copy in its massive library and we would now be able to see this curious title Ian had felt so strongly about.

Now to begin with, the title is very misleading.

The Witch Who Came From the Sea.

There really is no witch that comes from the depths of the sea to haunt villagers of a small berg or something to that effect.  The title comes in the form of a very disturbed woman named Molly, a devoted aunt to her two nephews and abusive sister to her own.  Much to her sister’s dismay, Molly regales her nephews with stories of their grandfather as being a master captain and seaman who has been lost at sea but someday will return.  Molly reluctantly lives with her sister and the two boys and is a cocktail waitress at the local waterfront bar called the Boardwalk (i think).

Whenever the television is on, Molly is captivated by the scenes and the players the screen shows back to her.  A handsome man in a shaving commercial piques her interest and then two very attractive and athletic football players send Molly into a bizarre fantasy sequence just before she leaves for her shift.  The men are in a hotel room with a topless Molly and they are getting high.  Molly calls them her crew and she is the captain and shows them her knot skills by tying them to the bedpost and a very horny Molly lets them know that she is about to have her way with them. So, with a straight razor in her hand, she has her way with them.


Molly and her “Crew”

Fantasy over. Cut to interior bar – the Boardwalk

The bar’s salty owner and bartender Long John berates Molly for being three hours late, but forgives her because she’s the best bartender he has, plus she’s a great lay.  The story gets more bizarre after a t.v. report comes on stating that the two star football players had been castrated and murdered the night before. Coincidence? At this point you’re seriously wondering what the fuck is going on.

Witch3Molly’s behavior continues to become more erratic as we are treated to increasingly disturbing flashbacks of child abuse that Molly suffered at the hands of her much beloved father.  These flashes prompt seriously erratic behavior and Molly finds herself in the arms of a television personality that she has been fawning after for months.

From here the story really starts to take off and I need to just stop talking because you need to see this baby unfold for yourself.  I have never seen a stalker film like this and it made me just cringe with joy.  Molly is played by Millie Perkins and that character is both docile but at the same time just a little off, you can see it in her eyes.  Mille would go on to a career of exploitation films in the seventies and a variety of roles in the rest of it, she is still active to this day.

Director Matt Cimber would go on to direct his own set of sexpo/explo films through the seventies and eighties.  The most popular of those films was the all football player action film The Black Six.  Ian said that back in 2004, Cimber was a guest at the AFN festival and he was very weird – but in a good way.

I highly recommend checking this movie out.  At barely ninety minutes it’s a quick and trippy watch for those who aren’t necessarily horror fans, but for people who enjoy a good mind trip slasher film.  Well I guess sometimes they go hand in hand.  So check out the Witch Who Came From the Sea – a young woman’s nightmare of incest and castration.

You’ll dig it.

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