It’s Blaxploitation History Month!

The month of February is known as Black History month, but we want to celebrate Blaxploitation Horror History Month!



In honor of this month’s Friday Night Frights screening of Sugar Hill, we will be spotlighting several Blaxploitation horror films from the height of their popularity 1969-76.

Along with the classic Blacula, we will also be spotlighting some of the lesser known classics from the genre such as Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde, Abby, Black Frankenstein, House on Skull Mountain and J.D.’s Revenge.  Blaxploitation horror is often a genre that is neglected and even criticized, but the films that came from it are a blast to watch and bring socio-cultural, racial, and political messages to the forefront during a volatile time in history.

We hope that you enjoy reading about some of these greats and maybe you can check them out for yourself! But most importantly, don’t forget to check out this month’s Friday Night Frights screening of Sugar Hill this Friday February 19th at 10pm at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma!


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