NETFLIX Nugs: WolfCop

Wolfcop Retro

Starting this month, we are highlighting picks from Netflix that we like to call the “Netflix Nugs”.  These are films that you may normally overlook, but the staff here think that they are wicked little nugs that shouldn’t be ignored!

Our first film in this series is the 2014 B-Movie funfest, WolfCop.  This Canadian horror film is the second from director Lowell Dean who also wrote the story.  The cast is simple, the characters are shallow, but the comedy is too good.  If you are a punner, then you will love this.

WolfCop Jessica

The Hottest Woman in Saskatchewan. Appropriately named Jessica!

The story revolves around an alcoholic, incompetent deputy named Lou in the town of Woodhaven, Saskatchewan.  Written off by his co-workers, Lou spends his day drinking and dodging work responsibilities.  HIs solace is hiding out in his local watering hole the Tooth and Nail (fitting) where his problems are heard by Jessica, the bar’s owner and likely the best looking woman in Saskatchewan.

On a routine disturbance call, Lou is abducted and transformed into a Werewolf during a satanic ritual by shapeshifting lizard people.  Yes, you did read that right, Satanic shape shiftng Lizard people.  From here the story gets really great.  Puns abound, guns, explosions, meth, blood, custom cop cars and the use of visceral practical effects over CGI that harkens back to the classic Werewolf films like The Howling and An American Werewolf in London.  In my opinion, the use of  practical effects set this film apart from other direct-to-video crap that haunts the cine-sphere.

WolfCop Liquor


Lou’s newly acquired Werewolf powers are further enhanced by his strong addiction to the Liquor.  He’s like a Werewolf Popeye when he drives that shit into him!  It’s hilarious!!!  Although Lou has transformed he still maintains his personality and conscious (though primal) and uses this to fight crime in the town in an attempt to find out who is responsible for his change.

WolfCop is a fun Friday night movie that you can totally enjoy with friends, but be aware that some of the transformation scenes are pretty graphic, so gentlemen, the ladies may not be too keen on it.  There is one scene at a urinal where Lou transforms and….. just….watch the movie.  It looks like WolfCop will be on Netflix indefinitely for the time being, but don’t count on that!

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