Not On Netflix: Polk County Pot Plane at the NW Film Forum

Scarecrow’s Matt Lynch brings a good ol’ fashioned dope smuggling classic to the Northwest Film Forum tonight!

Polk County 1Polk County Pot Plane (aka In Hot Pursuit) is one hell of a 70’s South-ploitation film.  It’s the story of brothers Don and Bobby Watson aka Oosh and Doosh – yes Doosh – and their exploits running weed from secret landing fields to the good people of Merica.

We sat down over the weekend to watch this little gem and it was a pretty fun time.  The thick Georgian(?) accents made every character sound like King of the Hill’s Boomhauer and made understanding the dialogue a bit of a bitch.  The story is pretty clear though and surprisingly enough it is based on real events that took place in Fullwood Springs Georgia just a few short miles east of the Alabama border.

Polk County 2Apparently a Douglas DC-4 aircraft landed one night in a man made airstrip in the middle of the woods just southwest of Fullwood Springs.  The plane was designed to land on an airstrip of 3000 feet or more, but somehow this plane made the stop on the 1000 foot runway which had been graded days prior by local dozers.  The plane was seized and suspects were apprehended but eventually released on technicalities.  The plane in the mountains became something of a tourist attraction, but the incident led to more and more weed being brought into the rural Georgia forests via plane.  That DC-4 even has a credited role in the film!

Polk County Pot Plane is the kind of movie that needs to be seen baked and with a good crowd of people.  It’s not a bad movie at all!  The car chases (and crashes) are something to watch for sure and an R.V. carrying bushels of weed gets taken to the cleaners in an unbelievable police chase that ends in one crazy area.

Polk County 3This is 70’s exploitation at it’s finest and Matt Lynch needs to continue bringing gems like this to the Film Forum for all to enjoy!  Everybody head over to the forum tonight at 9pm to check out this awesome film.  Go support great local cinema events like these so Matt will keep bringing them back!

Polk County Pot Plane screens tonight only at the Northwest Film Forum (1515 12th Ave in Seattle) at 9pm, tickets are only six dollars.


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