We love hearing ourselves talk and we hope that you will also! The Blanketfort hosts a variety of programs covering cinema and the movie industry as well as other channels of pop culture.



  • 3 Up/ 3 Down is a best of/ worst of podcast centering around a particular topic chosen by either the staff or our listeners. We will discuss the 3 best and the 3 worst of a particular topic and also invite special guests to chime in!

  • The Fort Report is our weekly podcast dedicated to sharing all of the week’s upcoming cinematic events.

  • Laugh, Cringe, Smile, and Cry welcomes guests from the Seattle film industry and allows them to spotlight current projects all while answering the questions “What 4 movies make you laugh, cringe, smile and cry (and why?)”

  • Classic or Nostalgia is a podcast where our staff enter a time machine and go back 20, 25, or 30 years in the past to revisit a set of films from that particular month and year and decide whether the movie is a classic or is it just a piece of nostalgia. ¬†We will offer breakdowns and provide interesting facts about the picture that you may not know!

  • SIFF, Live Events, Interviews and More!!!

  • SIFF Specials is our collection of previews and reviews related to the Seattle International Film Festival, aka SIFF.

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