Crypticon is back once again in Seattle starting May 22nd – 24th. The premiere con in the northwest celebrating the undead hordes of horror genre film lovers! Get all your current information here the official Crypticon site.

indexIt is no hidden fact that I thrive on older horror and B films from back in the day. I am on a constant quest to discover unseen film from the VHS home movie days. The absolutely most amazing moment for me at a Con is getting to meet some of those hugely iconic talents from some of my favorite film of all time, and holy Christ on a crutch the special guest list this year is incredible! Sid Haig from Spider Baby! Bill “Chop Top” Moseley! The tower of terror Michael Berryman! Smooth as fuck, Ken Foree will be there, and you ARE signing my Monroeville Zombies hockey jersey! For fans of Twin Peaks, (who isn’t?) leading ladies Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn will be there too.


In addition to all the vendors with cool schwag to for you to collect and display in your closet of dorkdom there will be classes on makeup artistry. Learn how to make a cake that looks like the book of the dead! The only ingredients you need are klaatu, barada, and niiktoo. No… necktie. Nickel? Fuck it, I’ll eat pie.


And if you haven’t submitted your film to the con yet to delight us all with your talents at the annual Crypticon film festival, well you’re too friggin late. But hey, that is life’s way of making sure you have a place for next year. Or perhaps you’re just a procrastinating mafuka like me. Whatever the case, it is going to be a great showing of local and up and coming talent. So come out and support this great event, and get your freak show on!

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