Someone stab that thing in the face vagina! What…



The funhouse


The Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma presents another episode in their Friday Night Frights series featuring Tobe Hooper’s The Funhouse. This is becoming quite the film event here in Tacoma, and why the fuck not. Our treasure of a theatre presents a damn fine show for FIVE bucks! Patrons dress up, and come to battle it out for prizes in the pre feature film trivia, and see a great classic horror film on the big screen once again.



The Funhouse was made sandwiched within two of the director’s greatest efforts, Salem’s Lot and Poltergeist. I imagine making this film was like a fun release of creative energy between two arduous and brilliant creations. Great moments of homage to Hooper’s past films are present here as well as references to other influential entries in the genre. The whole opening sequence rings of Psycho and Halloween. This campy 80s slasher features Rick Baker’s creation of a giant albino conjoined twin monster running rampant trying to kill four teenage castaways hiding out overnight at the funhouse. The protagonists’ efforts of getting into their girlfriends Jordaches are instead interrupted by witnessing that giant vagina-faced looking mafuka getting burned on a bad handy… and then shit gets weird.



Next Month on May 15th Blue Mouse and Friday Night Frights presents Fred Walton’s April Fools Day starring Deborah Foreman and you are all welcome to come to the party.


-Adam Dunn is’s Tacoma contributing author.


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