The 20th Seattle LGBT film festival opens tonight!

For twenty years Seattle has hosted its own cutting edge program of movies and shorts from filmmakers working on the fringe of cinema from around the world.

LGBT film festival

Awesomely diverse and entertaining, the Seattle Lesbian and GayLGBT film festival2 film festival has provided audiences an experience like no other.  The festival runs from October 8th – 18th and offers an array of categories to showcase all that this unique brand of cinema has to offer!

There are so many amazing screenings and guests that it would take me ten pages just to post all of the intriguing and diverse programming at this eclectic festival.

Joannie Queen of the Paradiddle is a short, interview based documentary that will be screening on the 18th at 3:15 at Pacific Place.  This is a look at a pioneering female drummer who not only paved the way for women in modern music but was also a woman who was proud of her sexuality and stood as a pillar in queer society in a time when such a thing was unheard of.  This is a film that I really want to go and check out when it screens!  You can read more about Joannie’s amazing story here

The opening night film Freeheld starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page looks like such an amazing film and I am pissed that I missed the boat getting a ticket to it.  Based on the cast and subject matter, it should get a large theatrical release.  This is a story that demands to be seen and heard.  Find out more about this moving story here.

During SIFF I wrote about the bio-doc The Glamour and the Squalor spotlight Seattle music icon Marco Collins.  During that festival, the screenings sold out in no time.  Luckily, SLGFF will be showing the film Saturday October 17th at 3pm at Pacific Place.  I am dying to see this film since Marco Collins was such an inspirational icon in my life.  You can read my story about my experience with him here.

Seriously, there are so many amazing looking films happening at this festival there is no way that I can write about them all here.  So… go out and support this festival, it’s twenty years strong and is doing nothing but getting better and better!

For more information on this great festival go to for programming and a full calendar.

Go out and support LGBT filmmakers and cinema!!!

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