The Fort Report for June 1st – 15th!!!


SIFF is nearing its end and there are some great films playing around town!


    • The Varsity Theater: Kristen Wiig’s latest and greatest Welcome to Me plays through the week along with Clouds of Sils Maria, Good Kill, Tomorrowland, and Insidious 3.

  • Northwest Film Forum:
      • June 3rd & 4th: Queer Vision 20/20: Different from the Others Made in 1919, Different from the Others contains one of the earliest frank depictions of homosexuality on film, and the first to take a stand for gay rights.

      • June 5th-11th: La Sapienza: An architecture lover’s dream come true, La Sapienza luxuriates in the awe inspiring beauty of contemporary and baroque Italian architecture.
      • June 10th: FREE EVENT! Come watch Speed on the 21st anniversary of itss release! Show starts at 7pm!
      • June 11th: Queer Vision 20/20: Now, Voyager starring the immortal Bette Davis in a story of forbidden love…
      • June 12th – 21st: Kathleen Collins’ Losing Ground is one of the first films directed by an African American woman.

  • The Central Cinema:
      • June 4th: The Central presents “Epic Movie Night” with Coppola’s original the Godfather
      • June 5th-10th: screening of Mean Girls and The Dark Knight play
      • June 9th: A special screening of the country music doc Billy Mize and the Bakersfield Sound

    • June 11th: Everything Shatner is celebrated in this years’ Shatfest
    • June 12th – 17th: One of the great romantic films of the early years A Philadelphia Story starring Cary Grant, Bette Davis, and Jimmy Stewart at the top of their game! Additionally, the Central presents screenings of Chungking Express.
  • The Grand Illusion:
      • June 4th: The gripping Iranian drama About Elly. This is an excellent film and I highly recommend checking it out while you can!
      • June 5th – 11th: the inspired comic thriller The Kidnapping of Michel Houllebecq
      • June 12th – 18th: What if your life became a film that you hate? Hernan Guerschuny’s The Film Critic

    • June 12th & 13th: The Grand Illusion screens the German shocker Angst tells the story of real-life serial murderer Werner Kniesek. Uncut and uncensored for the first time in the U.S.! In German with English subtitles.
  • Seven Gables: Catherine Deneuve stars in In the Name of My Daughter


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