The Fort Report for May 15th – 31st

Collage 5-15This month we have some great throwbacks, Every kind of Doc you could want, and of Course – SIFF! 

    • Cinerama Seattle: Avengers: Age of Ultron plays through May 20th and then George Clooney’s Tomorrowland opens on May 21st.
    • Admiral Twin: Avengers, the fashion doc Iris, and the documentary about the baddest backing band in the history of music The Wrecking Crew.

    • The Varsity Theater: Age of Adaline, the child abduction thriller Every Secret Thing, and Kristen Wiig stars in the dramedy Welcome to Me – which looks amazing.

  • The Central Cinema: Presents
        • Working Girl and Pootie Tang from the 15th – 19th.
        • IT’S NOT A TUMOR!!! Kindergarten Cop plays in Hecklevision on the 21st.  

      • Seattle nostalgia flick Singles and John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China play from the 22nd to the 26th. What a double feature!

      • TUGG event How to Lose Your Virginity screens on the 26th with director Therese Schecter as well as cast and crew member in attendance.

    • The Room. May 28th. 8pm. That’s all you need to know.
    • Everything is Terrible: Legends – May 29th & 30th Once a millenium, something emerges from the darkest corner of the universe and enlightens us to the true meaning of being. Something so mystickal, so magickal, and so mind-splitting that all concepts before its existence sounds stupid and boring. Of course, we are talking about Everything Is Terrible! The Legends show is a culmination of the first seven (of 777) years of work from the video alchemists at EIT! These mindfreaks have taken thousands of forgotten VHS tapes, chewed them up, and spit them back to their young via daily website postings, six movies, and world tours. In that time, they’ve exposed us to wonders such as massaging cat ladies, apocalyptic facial exercises, pizzas parties in hell, and our immortal party-god, Duane.


    • The Grand Illusion:

        • Animals. May 15th – 21st. Bobbie and Jude are a young couple living in their broken-down car parked alongside Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Their days are a continuous ritual of theft and scoring until they must confront the difficult truth of their relationship after one of them is hospitalized.

        • Epic of Everest. May 16th – 21st. This is a fully restored print by the BFI about George Mallory and Sandy Irvine’s 1924 summit of Mount Everest.

        • Never Too Young to Die: May 16th. The Grand Illusion has teamed up with VHS Uber Alles for a movie that you have to see to believe. Stamos. Vanity. Gene Simmons(?). Yup. $2 will get you to the show!

        • About Elly: May 22nd – 28th. Winner of the Jury prize at Tribeca, Vienna and Berlin film festivals. David Bordwell of the Masters of Film Art says that the less you know about this gripping mystery – The better. So let’s keep it that way!
        • Realite: May 22nd – 28th. A mysterious VHS tape, a giant rat, and killer televisions: Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder and Tim and Eric Awesome Show’s Eric Wareheim star in this head-spinning Hollywood satire. In the alternate reality of the LA entertainment industry, a cameraman (French comedy star Alain Chabat) has 48 hours to pull off the impossible: find the world’s greatest groan sound effect for the movie he dreams of directing or it doesn’t get made. As he embarks on a hilariously bizarre odyssey, fact and fiction, reality and dreams collide in a surreal swirl of comic absurdity. With brilliant turns by top comedians, Reality is a wondrously weird wild ride through director Quentin Dupieux’s (Rubber, Wrong) extraordinary imagination.

    • Guild 45th: Pitch Perfect 2 and Hot Pursuit
    • Seven Gables: Clouds of Sils Maria. A bewitching tale of backstage rivalry propelled by three actresses at the top of their game: Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloë Grace Moretz.

  • Crest Cinema Center: Wild Tales, McFarland USA, Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and What We Do in the Shadows.

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