The Fort Report for November 16th – 30th!

Greg Sestero is coming back to town as well as Crispin glover and VHS Uber Alles!


  • Cinerama Seattle: Debuting with Spectre, Seattle Cinerama will now screen classic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes before our feature films. Cartoons will feature favorite characters, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety Bird and Marvin the Martian. You’re invited to sit back, relax, and be transported to the golden age of cinema.
  • Admiral Twin: The Mockingjay Double Feature screens Wednesday the 18th and will feature both parts of the final Hunger Games
  • Northwest Film Forum:
    • This month the Film Forum welcomes one of a kind filmmaker Crispin Glover who will be presenting Crispin Glover’s Big Slide Show part 2 wherein he will read from eight profusely illustrated books while those illustrations are projected on screen behind him. Additionally, the Forum will be presenting two of Glover’s films It Is Fine, Everything is Fine! on Thursday the 19th and his directorial debut, WHAT IS IT on Friday the 20th.  Glover will be in attendance for both of those screenings.
  • The Central Cinema
      • On Thursday the 19th the Central Cinema welcomes back actor Greg Sestero and a presents a screening of his latest film Dude Bro Party Massacre III. Greg will also offer reading from his book The Disaster Artist and take part in a Q&A after the film.  Greg is a really cool guy and to hear him do his Tommy Wiseau impression in person is just something that you have to see.  This presentation begins at 8pm.

    • The 20th-24th Planes, Trains, and Automobiles plays along with Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums.
    • The 27th – December 1st the Central presents the legendary Casablanca along with 80’s masterpiece The Breakfast Club.
  • The Grand Illusion
      • John Rad’s batshit Actioner Dangerous Men continues its run through the 19th
      • Saturday the 21st VHS Uber Alles returns with their monthly screening. This month they present the obscure actioner Action U.S.A.! An often corny but always entertaining stunt-filled extravaganza that is perhaps the best kept secret in all of action cinema. The film deals with a pair of Lethal Weapon-ish federal agents named Osborn and Panama trying to protect an attractive murder witness who also knows the location of some stolen diamonds the bad guys are willing to kill for.  This show begins at 9pm and is only $2 dollars of money!!!

    • November 20th-24th the Grand Illusion presents Moana with Sound, the 1926 film about the native customs of Samoa. The film has been fully restored with sound added.
  • SiFF Egyptian
    • This month’s presentation of Seattle’s Best Rocky Horror Picture Show screens at midnight on the 21st.
  • SiFF Film Center
    • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory celebrate their 44th anniversary this year and the film center will be presenting the film in “Smell-O-Vision” along with Wonka-riffic goody bags on the 27th and 28th only!
    • The Film Center will continue their interactive events series with a Princess Bride Quote Along on the 27th and 28th!


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