The Fort Report: November 1st-15th

No calm after the Halloween storm for Seattle Cinemas! So many great movies to check out in the first half of November!


  • Northwest Film Forum:
      • The Northwest Film Forum has an incredibly wide variety of screenings in the first half of the month. Be sure to visit for the complete listings and show times.
      • “Not on Netflix” is a new series presented by the Film forum and co-sponsored by Scarecrow Video. The series opens with a selection from Scarecrow’s Mondo Macabro section and is titled The Devil’s Sword.  Touted as “the only mystical-kung-fu-sci-fi epic to come out of Indonesia”.  Hosted by the Grand Illusion’s Brian Alter, the film screens Friday, November 13th at 9pm and tickets are only $6.

  • The Central Cinema:
    • Psycho and Hausu screen through the 4th
    • So-bad-it’s-good hit Fateful Findings screens Thursday the 5th.
    • Stop-motion classic The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Woody Allen’s Manhattan play the 6th through the 10th.
    • Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train and Throw Momma from the Train steam along the 13th – 18th.
  • The Grand Illusion:
      • The progeny of anime legend Naruto takes the screen in the beginning of his own story in Boruto. This is a very special, exclusive screening so if you’re a fan of Naruto be sure to check this out while it runs through the 5th.
      • Tab Hunter Confidential is a compelling documentary tell-all of one of Hollywood’s legendary superstars of the 50’s. One of the most desirable men in all the world, nothing could tarnish his stellar career aside from the fact that Tab was secretly gay.  Packed full of interviews with Hollywood notables, Confidential reveals the teen heart throb’s struggles living as a gay man while trying to play it straight for the rest of the world.  Tab Hunter Confidential runs November 6th – 12th.

      • After you catch up on Tab Hunter’s life, catch him wooing the legendary Divine in John Waters’ Polyester presented in Odorama!!! Check it out November 6th, 7th, and 12th!
      • Drafthouse films’ resurrected revenge thriller Dangerous Men opens a week long run November 13th – 19th. Called “The Holy Grail of Holy Fucking Shit!”, this is a film that genre fans should not miss!

    Dangerous Men – Announce Teaser from Drafthouse Films on Vimeo.

  • SiFF Egyptian
      • Winner of the best director award at this year’s Cannes film festival is The Assassin. A film that is being called “One of the most flat-out beautiful movies of the last decade.”, The Assassin opens its Seattle run on November 6th.

      • Gonzo-Legendary Japanese director “Beat” Takashi Miike presents his latest entry in his ridiculously amazing career Yakuza Apocalypse. I’ve heard some mixed reviews on this one, but Miike’s films aren’t for everybody!  This will play two nights as the Midnight Adrenaline feature on the 6th and 7th.

      • Here we go. This is what Daddy has been saving his paper route money for.  Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance!!!  Playing Saturday, November 14th at 11pm, director Gregory Hatanaka will be in attendance along with co-star Nicole D’Angelo and the Samurai Cop himself Matt Hannon!  Matt is an incredibly gracious man and this is an event that you cannot miss if you are a fan of the original film!

  • SiFF Uptown
      • Big Screen Classics presents the 75th anniversary of Disney’s Fantasia November 8th-10th.
      • Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Amy Heckerling’s classic Clueless on November 9th with free fuzzy bracelets, a très chic raffle, our custom “Rollin’ with the Homies” ’90s music video preshow, and a special Makeover Intermission!
      • On November 10th, SIFF and ACLU of Washington present this special advance screening of one of the year’s most anticipated films Trumbo, which tells the true story of legendary screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, a victim of the Hollywood blacklist who was jailed for his political beliefs. The top notch ensemble cast includes Brian Cranston, Helen Mirren, Diane Lane, John Goodman, Louis C.K., Elle Fanning, and Michael Stuhlbarg.  Screenwriter John McNamera and Dalton’s daughter, Nikki Trumbo, in person!

      • The 60’s performing troupe The Cockettes were a group that created a sexual and social revolution that changed America forever. SIFF Uptown presents a special screening of their recent documentary spotlighting these performing legends on November 11th titled simply The Cockettes.  Post screening discussion with Fayette Hauser, founding Cockettes member, and Michael Cepress, curator of Counter-Couture: Fashioning Identity in the American Counterculture, now on view at Bellevue Arts Museum.

    • SIFF’s Cinema Italian Style returns for the seventh annual festival of the best in current Italian films. The week features 15 extraordinary feature films with some of the biggest names in Italian cinema today.


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