The Fort Report October 1st-15th!

Leroy’s Back!!!

It’s the Fort Report for the week of October 1st – 15th!  October is upon us and it’s that great time of year for scary movies and retro horror offerings along with other great films that are coming out in cinemas this month!

…and after a brief hiatus we welcome back Leroy to the podcast!

The Seattle Latino Film festival takes place around the city from October 2nd to 11th.  Venues include the Varsity Theater, EMP, and the Northwest Film Forum. Visit for more info

The 20th Annual Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival opens Thursday October 8th and runs to the 18th.  Find out more information by visiting

  • Cinerama Seattle: The Martian opens October 1st in a special “High Brightness” version created specifically for the Cinerama’s unique projection system
  • The Varsity Theater:
      • RiffTrax LIVE presents Miami Connection on October 1st

  • The Central Cinema
    • The monthly screening of The Room is happening October 1st at 8pm
    • Running from October 2nd to the 5th are Monty Python’s the Life of Brian as well as the classic quirky romance Harold and Maude.
    • Double Vampire double feature from October 9th-13th with The Lost Boys and Twilight.
    • The greatest bad movie ever made ­­– Troll 2 plays in Hecklevision on the 15th at 8pm!
  • The Grand Illusion
      • VHS Uber Alles presents Hide and Go Shriek on VHS Saturday the 3rd at 9pm

      • On October 9th and 10th, the Grand Illusion presents Japanese filmmaker Kinji Fukusaku’s sci-fi flick The Green Slime with a rare screening in 16mm.

  • SiFF Egyptian:
    • The Midnight Adrenaline series presents a tribute to the late Wes Craven with the original A Nightmare on Elm Street on Friday October 2nd at midnight and The People Under the Stairs on Saturday October 3rd at Midnight.
  • SiFF Uptown:
    • The Heart of the Game. October 13th. 10th Anniversary, with director Ward Serrill and film subjects in person! Released in 2005 by Miramax Films to wide critical acclaim, this thrilling and humanistic documentary is a portrait of Seattle’s Roosevelt High School girls’ basketball team, as their eccentric new coach and troubled star player transformed the struggling team into serious contenders.
  • SiFF Film Center:
      • The Quay Brothers in 35mm. October 9th-15th. Curated by director Christopher Nolan, the groundbreaking stop-motion films from filmmakers, and identical twins, Stephen and Timothy Quay return in all new 35mm prints. The program includes three Quay masterworks–”In Abesntia,” “The Comb,” and “Street of Crocodiles”–and the premiere of Nolan’s short documentary “Quay,” which reveals the inner workings of the Brothers’ studio.
      • The Final Girls. October 9th – 15th. In this blood-soaked comedy a teenager (Taissa Farmiga) and her friends find themselves trapped inside their favorite movie–an 80s slasher film titled “Camp Bloodbath”–and now they must break all the rules of the genre to survive!

  • Guild 45th
      • Attack on Titan: the Movie Part 1. Wednesday October 7th. Looks like a one night only event.

  • Seven Gables
    • Heart Like a Hand Grenade. Thursday October 15th. More than 10 years after the release ofAmerican Idiot, 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Green Day present Heart Like a Hand Grenade. This time capsule rock documentary takes us inside the songwriting and recording process of their Grammy Award-winning punk rock opera.


  • Crest Cinema Center:
    • Amy, Avengers AoU, Mistress America, and Spy.


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