The Fort Report: September 23rd – 29th

The Fort Report: September 23rd – 29th

the Local Sightings Film Festival begins this week, plus more exciting Indie Openings!

Tuesday the 23rd

The Ark LodgeThe Maze Runner, This is Where I Leave You, and A Letter to Momo play through Thursday.

Central CinemaReal Genius and Troll Hunter end their runs Tuesday

The Tin TheaterJohnny Depp’s Transcendence continues a run through Thursday

SIFF Cinema UptownThis is Where I Leave You, The Drop, Sagrada: the Mystery of Creation, and David Bowie Is play

SIFF Film Centerpresents Film Scoring with B.C. Campbell. Composer, songwriter, and producer BC Campbell will share his appreciation with one of the great film scores of all time: Jerry Goldsmith’s Chinatown. This event begins at 7pm.

The Harvard ExitLove is Strange and the Skelton Twins play through Thursday

Seven GablesWoody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight continues its run

Varsity TheaterA Letter to Momo, Flamenco Flamenco, and Frank run through the week

Guild 45thThe Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby and This is Where I Leave You play through Thursday

Crest Theater Chef, Earth to Echo, Maleficent (2d/3d), The Fault in Our Stars, and X-Men:DoFP play

Grand IllusionElectro music doc I Dream of Wires continues its run until Thursday.  The Grand Illusion also feature the local experimental project series Ex-Cinema where area filmmakers showcase their experimental films in a group of other local artists.

Sundance CinemaMy Old Lady, A Walk Among the Tombstones, the Maze Runner, the Drop, Love is Strange, Boyhood, Guardians of the Galaxy, the One I Love, and The Trip to Italy. Additionally, the Sundance screening room presents Life of Crime.


Wednesday the 24th

SIFF Cinema UptownIn addition to the Uptown’s regular offerings, SIFF will be presenting a special engagement of My America, a collection of 21 different monologues by some of the nation’s most exciting playwrights in an unique staged performance. Ranging from the sad to the hilarious, from the angry to the tentatively celebratory, together they from a portrait of the American psyche. This shows at 7:30pm. 


Thursday 25th

Central CinemaTommy Wiseau’s The Room plays at 8pm

Northwest Film ForumLow Down, Get Down the opening night of the Forum’s Local Sightings film festival. This is a kick off event that features the opening night film Bella Vista as well as speakers introducing events associated with the festival and more! This event begins at 7pm with after party event at 9pm.


Friday the 26th

The Ark LodgeThe Boxtrolls open

Central CinemaEarth Girls are Easy and Scarface begin a run that ends Tuesday of next week.

The Tin TheaterSeth Rogen and Zac Efron play in Neighbors

SIFF Cinema Uptownthe Documentaries Levitated Mass and K2: Siren of the Himalayas open Friday

Northwest Film Forum

  • 6pm – VIP Party
  • 6:30 pm – Installation Program
  • 7pm – Opening Reception
  • 8pm – Bella Vista

Seven GablesHector and the Search for Happiness opens this week

Varsity Theater Take Me to the River opens a limited, one-week engagement

Grand IllusionNic Cave’s doc 20,000 Days on Earth opens its limited realease.


Saturday the 27th

SIFF Cinema Uptownthe Harmontown Podcast Live.  Join Dan Harmon and “Harmontown” regulars–including Erin McGathy, Dungeon Master Spencer Crittendon, and guest comptroller Dino Stamatopoulos (Star-Burns!)–for their first Seattle episode, and a sneak preview screening ofHarmontown the documentary, which chronicles their calamitous cross-country tour.

Northwest Film ForumLocal Sightings Film Festival

  • 11am – 4pm: Seattle Film Summit Conference
  • 5pm – Film Summit Happy Hour
  • 7pm – Down River
  • 7pm – The Device
  • 9pm – The Chat
  • 9pm – Love and Loss (short film)


Sunday the 28th

Northwest Film ForumLocal Sightings Film Festival

  • 11am – Seattle Film Summit: Indie Contracts
  • 12:30pm – Seattle Film Summit: Seattle Composers Alliance
  • 2pm – Seattle Film Summit: Building User Bases
  • 3pm – Student Showcase and Education Open House
  • 3:30pm – Local Fences, Local Spaces (short film)
  • 5pm – Deal with it, Sister (short film)
  • 5pm – Nothing Against Life
  • 7pm – Return of the River
  • 7pm – Mind Zone
  • 9pm – Koinonia


Monday the 29th

SIFF Cinema UptownJames Franco stars in Palo Alto as part of the Recent Raves series.

Northwest Film ForumLocal Sightings Film Festival

  • 6:30pm – Seattle Film Summit: Multi-Platform Storytelling
  • 7pm – Speed of Sound
  • 8pm – Seattle Film Summit – Get in the Game
  • 9pm – Plain Devil

Opening next week: The Boxtrolls, The Equalizer








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