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Director William Eubank takes us on an enigmatic and exciting ride as three college friends get lured into the desert chasing a hacker in “The Signal”.

If you are interested in this movie, which you should be, DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER.  In fact, don’t even read this review, go see the movie tonight and then come back.  I went into this film with little to go on and it was just a blast, so take my advice.  This is as bare bones of a review as I’ll give.

Are you back? Here we go…

In the Signal three college friends Nic (Brenton Thwaites), Haley (Olivia Cooke) and Jonah (Beau Knapp) are traveling across the country to move Haley from MIT to Cal Tech.  Nic and Jonah are straight up hackers, they were blamed for hacking into the system at MIT which nearly gets them expelled, so they are on a road to revenge as they traverse the country.  When they think they have their man, the trail leads to a desolate house in the desert where their target is supposed to be and that’s when things go sideways.

There, I’ve said too much already.

Director Will Eubank was in attendance at last night’s premiere and shared some very interesting info with the audience during his Q&A session. Apparently, the film was made for a little over $4 million, which was very surprising considering the effects quality and the cast behind it.  Eubank’s first film “Love” garnered much critical acclaim back in 2010-11, so making the Signal was a well deserved sophomore opportunity.

Like a good episode of the Twilight Zone, the Signal keeps you guessing.  It’s stark, atmospheric sets and ominous soundtrack help build the tension and keep you there for the long haul. Go see this tonight.

The Signal plays tonight at 7pm at the Egyptian as part of SIFF


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