Tomorrow night at the Blue Mouse in Tacoma: Videodrome

Friday Night FrightsThe gang at Friday Night Frights bring us yet another horror great!  This time the film of the month is David Cronenberg’s Videodrome.  This time Cronenberg takes on media and the dark places that we seek out to get our kicks and kinks.

Videodrome3The real show stealer of Videodrome is FX master Rick Baker and his amazingly talented team that brings the director’s nightmares to life.  Without going too far over the top, Baker accomplishes this with visceral effects that make you squirm (a la The Thing).  From a television breathing and pulsing to a vagina looking slit appearing in the main character’s stomach wherein he can feed it videocassettes. I think that in this day and age, the slit wouldn’t have to be so obtrusive so long as it played Blu-Rays and was region free…

The event kicks off tomorrow night at 10pm at the Blue Mouse theater (2611 North Proctor, Tacoma 98407)

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