VHS Uber Alles celebrates one year!

Local pro-analog film gang VHS Uber Alles celebrates their one year anniversary tonight at the Grand Illusion.

If you’re going to invite friends for your birthday, you damn well wanna go big!  This month VHS Uber Alles is doing just that with a free screening of 1987’s Deadly Prey!  If I was having my birthday screening, this little gem would be right up there for viewing if I wanted my friends to have a hell of a good time.

Deadly Prey 4Deadly Prey is one that you may have heard of, or even seen.  It’s a reworking of the classic story The Most Dangerous Game, where men are hunted for sport by wealthy aristocrats and military elite.  In this story, a group of mercenaries train by hunting kidnapped victims, but they basically kill them all quick because all they can get are the slow movers.  Case in point, our first victim during the credits scene is not the embodiment of health!  In an attempt to up the game, they abduct Mike Danton who is 6 foot 2 inches of muscle and mullet stuffed into the tightest jean shorts you’ve ever seen.

Deadly Prey 6

There’s more to life than being really, really, really badass Mike.

Little do the mercs know, Mike is a badass Vietnam vet who knows some shit about some shit and takes the hunting squads out one at a time.  Eventually, Danton runs across a soldier  on one of the hunting squads that he knew back in Nam, Jack Cooper.  We now find out that Danton took a bullet for Cooper and so now Danton has someone on the inside.  It’s not too long before the leader of the mercenaries, Colonel Hogan figures out who he’s kidnapped and goes after Mike’s family.  Then shit gets real.  Grenades fly everywhere, bullets find their way into more dudes’ asses than a bathhouse on the Hill, and Danton cuts off a guy’s arm and fucking beats him with it.  Shit gets way real.

Deadly Prey 1

Deadly Prey is a story that we’ve seen a number of times, but it carries with it this fun charm and an arsenal full of great action one-liners that you can quote for days.  All of the genre tropes are there for your ripe picking, making this a fast moving, fast shooting actioner that is nothing but a good time.  Is it like First Blood? Is this a Rambo rip-off?  Well watch the film and see if you give a shit about that when Mike holds his assault rifle to the heavens in the foreground of a beautiful California sunset.  Yep, told ya you wouldn’t care.

After a year of kicking ass and putting up some great vhs films, VHS Uber Alles will invite us all in for their first anniversary with this free screening and a party!  Uber Alles is doing some great work around town with these screenings and in an era where many retro screening “series” barely make it a few months, it’s great to see them hitting the one year mark and still going strong!  Tonight’s festivities at the Grand Illusion begin at 9pm and there is no admission to get in!  So your ass has NO EXCUSE!!!

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