VHS Uber Alles Returns Tonight with Action U.S.A.!

Kick-Ass action rules the screen tonight at the grand Illusion!

ActionUSA2VHS Uber Alles returns tonight to the Grand Illusion with another lost gem from the VHS shelves.  ACTION U.S.A. hits the screens and this promises to be a seriously insane action film.  I’ve read a couple of blurbs about the film this week and if even half of it is true then you are going to be in for one hell of a treat tonight!  I love what VHS Uber Alles does and this will be a screening that will not disappoint!

You can watch a lot of action movies and walk away empty, or some need second viewings.  Some are just instant classics – like Stone Cold.  It would be so great to have a double feature of ACTION U.S.A. AND Stone Cold.  I think there would be a collective pants-shitting by the audience and the theater would have to close for like, a week to clean up the carnage left behind by the massive amazingness.

The point of all of that is, you can look high and low for a great action movie and I truly think this has all the pieces to make it a classic.  I just hope that I can find a copy of it!  So head on out to the Grand Illusion tonight at 9pm and for just $2 dollars of U.S.A. money you can see Action U.S.A. style!  Dan Budnik’s Bleeding Skull piece sums up what I think will be most exciting aspect of seeing this in a theater: “I let out several “Wows!” during the film. I laughed out loud. I smiled, I cheered, I booed. I wished I was watching this in a theater.”

From the brief scenes that I have been able to check out from this movie – the stunts are off the chart!  Just take a look at this clip that I found on YouTube from one of the chase scenes in the movie!

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