What I Watched on my Summer Vacation: A Hard Day

It’s bad enough when a parent dies, but this is out of control…

In A Hard Day detective Ko Gun-Su has a day that should not be considered hard by any scope of the imagination.

It’s totally fucked.

A Hard DayOn the way to pick up some food for his mother’s funeral, Ko inadvertently strikes and kills a man on a dark street.  In a moment of sheer panic, he decides to wrap up the body and stick it in his trunk.  On the way back to the funeral he is then stopped at a DUI checkpoint and is harassed by some young cops who don’t believe that he is a detective.  After a pepper spray filled altercation, he is sent on his way once his identity is confirmed.  But not before he gives back a little of what he was given.

Now it’s time to get back to the funeral and figure out what the hell to do with this body.

A Hard Day2

It just gets better…

All of this is in the first fifteen minutes of the film.  From start to finish A Hard Day is a classic thriller filled with some pretty exciting action sequences and suspense for days.  Seriously, I was exhausted after I watched it.  I want to tell you all about the film so bad, but this is one that you should really just go into dark – it works so much better that way.  The bad guy is so bad that the payoffs are totally heightened and the plot thrusts forward.

There is not a dull moment in this film.  And that’s not to say that detective Ko isn’t an angel either.  His unit is being investigated for bribery and he is doing everything in his power to overturn the investigation.  Then there’s the whole “killing a dude and ditching his body thing”.  But Ko’s fallibility is the main element that keeps us wondering, “is he going to get through this day alive?”.

Luckily, A Hard Day will be screening this week at the Grand Illusion Cinema in the U-District beginning Friday, July 24th and running until the 30th.  If you’re a fan of films like I Saw the Devil, Oldboy, or the Man From Nowhere, then you’ve gotta check A Hard Day out.

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